Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hair Weave - The Real Cost of a Hair Weave

The cost of a body wave weave can range from $100 for a quick weave up to $2,000 for a celebrity quality weave. There are several variables that make up the price, such as full head or partial weave, sewn in or bonded, human hair or synthetic hair.

Type of Hair / How Much Hair (30% of the Cost)

The type of hair you purchase will depend on the desired style. Hair textures range from silky straight, relaxed, deep wave to curly. Hair quality can range from poor quality synthetic hair to human hair of excellent quality. Virgin Indian hair is the most popular type for extensions. With Indian hair the wefts are reinforced and sewn tightly to prevent the hair from shedding.
Synthetic hair is very inexpensive compared to human hair and is often used for ponytails or hair buns. Synthetic hair is best for short term use.

Weaving vs. Bonding (50% of Cost)

Tracks of hair are glued to the roots of your own hair near the scalp with a special adhesive. The average hair weave--whether glued, bonded, or sewn into natural hair--lasts about two months. During this time, you must wash your weave as well as your natural hair. Weaves provide a way for you to experiment with new styles and current hair trends without damaging your natural hair with excessive heat or chemicals.