Saturday, 7 January 2012

Back in the Saddle Again...

Right out of college and up until my daughter was born, I worked as a Financial Analyst.  I loved the work, but we had our two year old son and our daughter on the way.  We decided that I would stay home with them.  Over the years I worked some part time jobs, but generally I was home.  Now that both kids are in college, I felt the desire to return to work.  Well, on Monday I'm jumping back in.  It's a new company for me, but the work will be similar to what I did so many years ago.  I am very excited!

My good friend Cindy sent me this box of gifts the other day in celebration of the new job.  
 A new scarf, some notepads, a clipboard, and a rooster for the house.

I will be wearing the scarf and using those cards!  I think the rooster is awfully cute on my island!

 Obviously there are some downsides to taking on a full time job.  One of them is blogging.  I plan to continue, but know that it will take a bit of a backseat for awhile until I figure my schedule out.  Since the kids are both in college, that's not an issue (but let's be real--a big reason to go back to work!)  The biggest issue we have is that our dog Max will be missing me like crazy!  He's 11 years old and is never far from my side all day and all night long.  Hopefully his new Christmas toy will soothe him during the day during my absence.  :)

 Thanks for your visit!