Friday, 16 March 2012

A Dog Needs a Great Place to Cool Off

Our chocolate lab, Max, used to LOVE the pond in our old backyard.  He would chase the ball forever, then go cool off in the second level of the pond.  HGTV has his picture on their site today!   HERE is the link.

When we moved here, the summers were much hotter and he was getting a bit older.  We wanted a water feature in this yard and knew we needed a place for him to stay cool. We didn't have the slope in this backyard to make a multi-level pond, but we were able to make something that we love and he loves.

We built this pond a couple of years ago.    HERE is the link  

 We had to add this mesh so he wouldn't get in the deep side.  It's funny that the fish swim right up to him.  We call his area "Max Beach".   Yes, he is spoiled.  :)

Thanks to HGTV for posting his picture!  Thanks for your visit.