Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How To Make a Minion Costume

Despicable me minion costume
    Denim shorts or pants
    Black suspenders ($6)
    Black gloves ($5)
    Black headband ($3)
    Plastic foam cups ($1)
    Pins ($2)
    Black and silver markers

Despicable me minion costume supplies

You can create your own Gru minion logo by simply searching images on Google. Goggles

Despicable me minion costume Step 2: Goggles cut cup

Start with your black headband, plastic foam cups, pins, and silver and black markers. Despicable me minion costume: Step 2 Goggles paint cup

Despicable me minion costume: Step 2: minion eye

Then, take a black marker and draw a black circle in the center of the white surface to resemble the pupil of the minion's eye. Despicable me minion costume: Step 2 goggles pin to head band

3. Bottoms

Your safest bet to best resemble a mischievous minion is to find a pair of old-fashioned overalls.