Thursday, 15 October 2015

First Home Buyer

In a recently released report, the IMF revealed that Australia has the third least affordable housing prices in the world, behind Belgium and Canada. Inner-city high-density apartment .

Many people think that the only way is up. Demographer Bernard Salt has stated that a change in housing developments is required for the coming decades, with more emphasis on inner city high-density apartments. In the future, there will most likely be more high-density accommodation in 'pockets' of living, where people can work and live close-by.

The need for assistance from both State and Federal Governments has been acknowledged for some time now. The Intergenerational report cites the need for an increased spend in infrastructure, including roads and public transports, while governments are think-tanking how to allow first home buyers to step into the property market.

The availability of first home owner grant options vary from State to State, but may include the First Home/New Home schemes, First Home Owners Grant, New Home Owner Grant and Regional Relocation Schemes (check what's available in your State click here).