Sunday, 27 March 2011

My New Adirondack Chairs

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, we went out and bought a pair of Adirondack chairs.  I'd been wanting them for years and was excited about finally getting some.  As the clerk gave me my receipt, she said, "Make sure you never leave them out in the rain, or they'll split."  Are you kidding me??  We get crazy weather here and yes, they will get wet!  The chairs sat unassembled in the boxes for a week.   I was concerned that they wouldn't even last a year.  My husband was thinking the same thing and researched building plans for them.  He had me return the chairs and immediately went out and got wood to get started.

I didn't take pictures of the mess from planing down all of the wood, but let's just say our trash was very full and very dusty for two weeks!

They are coming together nicely! 

He put cork plugs in all of the screw holes.  80 holes per chair! 
The piece that's missing is so he can reach the screw holes in the back of the chair.  He assures me that he will be attaching that piece before he is done.  :)

The corks have been sanded down and the final piece has been attached.

Done!  I am so happy!

(I do realize that a picture of this chair outside in the sun would be soooo much better, but since it's still snowing and yucky here, that picture will have to wait... )


Amazingly enough, these beauties ended up costing less than the cheap-o, don't-get-them-wet ones!
  I guarantee we will enjoy these much more and for a lot longer.  I love when I get homemade gifts and I will certainly treasure these!

Thanks for coming by!  I appreciate your visits and comments.


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