Thursday, 30 June 2011

A New Desk for the Man Cave

My husband loves his 'man cave', which isn't very cave-like at all, but in keeping with the times, it's called a Man Cave.  :)

He has his workout equipment up there as well as a couch where he can spend time reading. He decided he would like a desk up there too as he works on the computer at home quite often in the evenings.  Well, it doesn't take him long between deciding he would like a new piece of furniture to completing something.

He started with alder boards.

It took him two weekends to design and build it.

(If you're wondering what those ugly green things are stapled to the wall, they are foam pieces that protect my car doors from hitting the wall.  They are ugly, but they work!)

I think he did an absolutely beautiful job.  It is so pretty in person.  :)

He still needs to get a chair and some accessories.  I'm sure that will happen this weekend!

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