Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How To Work With The Law Of Attraction with Mary Morrissey

How to Work With The Law Of Attraction‬ to find job With ‪Mary Morrissey???

There are a few key ingredients for it to work at any level and thorny situation or difficulty in your life. Dress code is the name of the game in outward and inward appearance. It is much easier to develop a hobby into a growing and budding enterprise than picking up an idea without any knowledge and interest and developing it into a successful enterprise. Ensure you are up to date with current affairs and events within your area of interest. Body posture and expressions are another key element that you will have to work on in your day to day dealings with other members of society. Always have a mirror impression of what you are actually portraying in society as you move through it. Smile and be confident. This sends out strong energy into the world around you, alerting your work mates and others of your strong drive, success and determination at all levels.
Regardless of the reason you are seeking work, rest-assured that obtaining a job, fast, is simple to achieve regardless of any condition-including economic. Manage your thoughts & emotions.

Make a decision to focus all of your thought and emotional energy on already being employed not finding a job. Feel good as you see yourself getting up for work everyday and are convinced you are employed. See yourself paying your bills on time and looking forward to your payday. Feel the feelings of job security and job satisfaction as you picture yourself busily going about your day productively completing tasks. You have a job! You have a job! Manage your mouth

Feel grateful for getting a job and say "i am so thankful that I am working and I love my job! Thank god I found a job so quickly! I love my job!"

Lights! Camera! Action!

Picture yourself preparing your clothes the night before, getting up the following morning and getting ready for work. Resist the urge to change your routine. Don't start spring cleaning or waste your time catching up on tv. Resist the urge to sleep-in. Keep feeling the joyous feelings of being employed!

Expect to be called for an interview and offered a job. You are valued beyond explanation. You deserve financial security and job soundness. Congratulations!

As you continue to focus all of your energy on being employed (not getting a job) you will feel good, secure and expectantly joyful. The universe is the exceptional personal assistant. She will coordinate all of the people, places, timing and things to deliver you a job. Congratulations! Welcome to the world of the employed!