Saturday, 16 August 2014

Adya Clarity Water Health For Your Life

Our planets troposphere holds an immense amount of water in the form of water vapor otherwise known as humidity and it is through the sudden and sharp cooling of this water vapor that we get rain, snow as well as the other forms of precipitation around the world.

Our bodies cannot absorb all that we take into them and this pretty much goes for everything you ingest so whatever is not absorbed is passed on into our waste water sewage systems to be reprocessed by your local water treatment facilities and then returned to the water systems.

Atmospheric water generators (AWG) are now available for homes, businesses, agriculture, horticulture, industrial water production and emergency disaster relief for areas stricken by natural disasters which in most cases leave people without clean drinking water free of water born bacteria, viruses & fungi. There are many other companies which focus solely on water filtration systems however you have to consider one very important fact about water filtration and ask this question, "if a county water treatment facility cannot remove contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers or pharmaceutical drugs from the water they treat then how can they claim to do any better with anything you could possibly afford to purchase"? The fact is that the water content of our own atmosphere is the single largest untapped source of water on the planet and by using it we greatly diminish our dependence our daily usage of water resources that are already stretched to a breaking point.

According to Adya Clarity; Drinking water for health makes sense when you understand the role that water plays in the human body.

Over half of the human body is made up of water; for this reason, drinking water for health is absolutely crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A part of drinking water for health is to allow our body to effectively digest our food; without water our body cannot effectively eliminate waste. Drinking water for health throughout our lifetime means, in many cases, the long term successful maintenance of a healthy weight.

Drinking water for health also means an outward glow and youthful appearance.For More Information Visit &