Saturday, 16 August 2014

Some Water Polutan including Black Mica

Modern day municipal water treatment has been able to reduce the chemical contaminants in drinking water to trace amounts. Fairly frequently on the news and in magazines, you hear about the discovery of a variety of chemical contaminants in drinking water.

Actually, chemical contaminants like VOCs and THMs which are in our water supply are linked to cancer, kidney and liver problems. Considering that drinking water is so essential to good health, it is a great idea to get a quality water filtering system that reduces the number of contaminants.Visit for more information.

Water contaminants are natural or foreign substances that pollute water. Water containing high concentration of these substances is unsafe for human consumption. Water contaminants are grouped into six main categories.

Animal and human fecal wastes constitute most of microscopic contaminants. Water runoff has also been noted to cause water contamination. Normally, high turbidity is associated with high levels of contamination by microorganisms.

Disinfectants are chemicals added to water to eliminate microorganisms.

Inorganic chemicals
InBlack Micaare synthetic or natural chemicals that do not contain carbon elements. Ailments related to inorganic water contaminants are hypertension, renal, dermatological, intestinal and endocrine disorders.

Organic chemicals
Black Mica ( ) are compounds that contain carbon elements. Industrial discharge may contain unacceptable levels of organic chemicals. Majority of the hydrocarbons are considered water contaminants. Reliable sources indicate that systemic disorders are caused by most Black Mica found in water.

With the cost of water filtration systems and bottled water, many people often wonder if water filtration is necessary at all, or if it is indeed safe to drink water directly from the tap. Water sources in different locations around the United States contain different chemicals in varying quantities, usually dependent on the area's industrial or agricultural production sources.

Inorganic Compounds
Long-term exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer.

Radioactive Waste
Radioactive waste comes from emissions from power plants or from buried sources of waste that later leak into water sources.