Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Great-Grandmother's Quilt

I inherited this amazing quilt that my Great-Grandmother made.  I'm guessing she made it in the 1940's, which would make it over 70 years old! (of course that's just my guess--it could've been made in the early 1900's!)  The best part is that it is still in pristine condition.  I can't imagine any of my crafts still being displayed in 70-100 years.

I have it hanging on a ladder in a room in my basement where no light can get on it. 

I am just amazed at the craftsmanship.  Each stitch looks perfect.  I love that the boxes are 3D!   

Here it is laid out on my son's full size bed.  I only put it on his bed to show the whole thing, don't worry about the colors clashing between the walls and the quilt--it doesn't stay on here.  :)

My Mom had this quilt for years, then passed it onto me.  I'm so happy to have it.  Of course, I'll be passing it on to my kids too!

Thanks for coming by.  I'd love to hear what special family heirlooms you have.


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