Sunday, 2 October 2011

Rustic Take on the American Flag

I love flags.  A few months ago I made one similar to Layla's at The Lettered Cottage. You can see the one I made HERE,  I thought it'd be neat to make another one, this time using my faux-aged wood technique.

I started with a 3 1/2" fence board from Lowes.

 I applied Apple Cider Vinegar with steel wool.  As I've done with my other projects, I put two coats on, as the first coat generally looks spotty....

After I got the boards the way I wanted them, I attached a couple of pieces to the back to hold everything together.  I then attached two hooks so I could hang it on the wall.

After everything was attached, I glued six little starfish on with superglue.  I purchased the starfish on ebay. 

Be sure to do ALL of the assembly before attaching the starfish as they can be fragile.

And here's the finished product.  It was such a simple and inexpensive way to add some fun to my wall.

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