Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Some Smokin' Deals at Garage Sales

I'm sure sad that our garage sale season is about over!  This past weekend I found a few fun things at great prices.

I was thrilled to find this unopened tobacco can for $1.  The people I bought it from thought that it was at least 50 years old.  They were really sweet and told me that they hoped I wouldn't smoke it.  :)  I promise--I won't! 

I found the Jack Daniels tin for 50 cents.  I have no idea if it's old or not, but it's pretty neat.  I have them both above my cabinets along with an old egg scale and Ball jar that I purchased on ebay awhile ago.

I found the Premium cracker can for $1.  It's probably not terribly old, but I do love my saltines, so had to have it.  I found the apothecary jar the other day at a local antique store.  I have several just like it, but I had to buy it!  :)  I found this Ball jar at Monticello in Portland last month and I've had the little scale for several years.

It's funny that I haven't been going out looking for cans, but they seem to be finding me!  I love the color and uniqueness of each of them.  Now if the weather can just stay nice for another couple of weeks, I can go searching for more  treasures!

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